About Concierge Medicine


When we think of a concierge, we usually envision a hotel staff person whose job it is to enhance hospitality by providing visitor information and arranging services and activities that meet the specific needs of individual guests. Similarly, “concierge medicine” is designed to give patients access to medical services that are personalized for a patient’s particular health situation along with care options that insurance companies do not cover. A concierge physician has a relatively small practice, sees far fewer patients in a day and has much more time for each office visit. People who join a concierge medicine program may be those who have conditions that require several visits a year to monitor their situations. They may also be individuals who simply wish to enjoy the benefits of visiting the doctor’s office with a relaxed and unhurried atmosphere.

The foundation of our program is the in-depth annual physical examination, similar to what used to be called an “executive” physical. This exam includes multiple advanced screening processes. We also provide a consultation with a professional Dietician and another with an experienced Physical Therapist. All of this enables us to formulate a detailed overall understanding of each person’s health and to create a unique plan of care that focuses on prevention of problems as well as health improvement.

In our practice, accessibility and service are top priorities. Calls during business hours are answered by dedicated office staff.  An answering system is engaged only if they are assisting other patients. Calls are returned as quickly as possible. Appointments can usually be scheduled for 1-3 days from the time a patient contacts the office, and sometimes that same day. Time in the waiting room is brief compared to conventional medical practice.  Urgent after-hours calls are transferred directly to the doctor’s mobile phone. The only exceptions are when the physician is on vacation or has special personal circumstances.

Concierge medicine is a membership program and is more affordable than generally expected. An annual fee pays for levels of medical services that are not covered by insurance. Conversely, for medical services that are not part of our concierge program, we accept numerous types of insurance and Medicare, but not Medicare assignment. For further information about our program and services, please call our office at 214-774-4475.